Our Team

Mr. Vishal Zinzuwadia
Chairman and Managing Director

CLARITY in vision, DISCIPLINE in how to achieve this vision, CONSISTENCY in doing what needs to be done to achieve it.

Having this kind of mindset, Asprius Lifesciences was started by Mr. Vishal Zinzuwadia after completing his studies from Northwood University in United States of America. His entire family is involved in very rich gold and diamond jewellery business since last 50 years. However, when Mr. Zinzuwadia came from United States, he decided to start his entrepreneurial journey by doing something on his own.

Mr. Zinzuwadia became the first generation entrepreneur in pharmaceutical industry by establishing Asprius Lifesciences at Ahmedabad. Initially, the company was known as Astrum Genetica, however, the company took a new shape and a new name as ASPRIUS LIFESCIENCES. Being very new in the pharmaceutical business but having a very clear vision and focused approach, Mr. Zinzuwadia changed the dynamics of the industry with his persistence.


Mr. Zinzuwadia has been in the industry since half a decade now and made his unique presence by giving various solution to gynecological disorders.. He is a visionary who has the ability of sighting opportunities for the benefit of the group whether it be in form of joint ventures or acquisitions.

In the initial years, Mr. Zinzuwadia had to see a lot of failures in this business, however, with a strong will to make it a success and bring innovation into healthcare industry, Mr. Zinzuwadia found his vision with ASPRIUS LIFESCIENCES.

The name itself is driven by the vision of developing “The Aspiring venture for the benefit of all”.

Believing in the values of Innovation, Teamwork, Quality and Excellence, Mr. Zinzuwadia is able to develop this organization and leverage the resources to its optimum utilization. With the sole purpose of building a strong and successful organization which is working for the betterment of the people, Mr. Zinzuwadia is confident of making it big in Pharmaceutical industry through innovation and scientific approach.

Few innovations of the ASPRIUS LIFESCIENCES are Asmeth-O (Methylcobalamin Oral Spray) and Fenositol (Myoinositol Combination) for Infertility due to PCOS. ASPRIUS LIFESCIENCES recently had collaboration with one of Spanish Companies for their innovative and unique products for Skin Care and Anti-Aging.

ASPIDEM-The Moisturizing cream is the new R & D innovation which has achieved remarkable success. The company's Research and Development team also got success in developing a formulation to maintain the level of estrogen. The estrogen level drops during menopause due to which there is lot of complications.

The company Asprius Lifesciences under the guidance of Mr. Vishal Zinzuwadia has converted challenges into opportunities and is making it big in pharmaceutical industry.

Dr. Sanjay Agrawal
Head of Technical and Marketing Department

Dr. Sanjay Agrawal is a leading Independent Researcher, Pharmaceutical consultant and patent holder of more than 40 molecules. He has actively worked in pharmaceutical and related industries for more than 28 years and started his firm Pharmaceutical Consultants and Inventor in 2005.

Skilled in formulation development of Solid orals, liquids, multi-particulars, nutraceuticals and food products. Developed and commercialized novel, adaptable and patentable platform technologies for various dosage forms.

Dr. Agrawal obtained his postgraduation in Biochemistry from prestigious institution, completed MBBS (Bio) and MBA from IMT. He is Editor-in-Chief of renowned IJM Today and honorable member of the editorial board of The Antiseptic and QualPharma Magazine. He has published more than 60 papers in reputed national and international magazine.


Dr. Agrawal is meticulous, a keen observer and ultimate performer. Dr Sanjay Agrawal is also the illustrious member of the National Geographic Society and member of scientific committee of IDMA. Dr. Agrawal had received various awards for his valuable support and contributions in Healthcare and pharmaceutical sector. He has worked with many International and national Pharmaceuticals company.

Dr. Agrawal founded Pharmaceutical Consultants and Inventor. The firm works with diverse base of companies across the globe. It support Food, Pharma and Neutraceutical industries by consulting in Regulatory work, providing unique molecules and helping firms in creating brand image. Dr. Agrawal is associated with many colleges and institution and believes initiative in bridging the gap between academics and industry.

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