Brief Product Information on ASPIDEM CREAM
Brief Product Information on ASPIDEM CREAM

Dr. Sanjay Agrawal

Leading Pharmaceutical consultant and editor-in chief of IJMToday


ASPIDEM CREAM is a synergistic combination of natural Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Olive Oil.


Regular application of Aspidem cream moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin if applied regularly. It works as skin repair cream and helps retard skin ageing. Aspidem cream also makes the skin soft and supple.

Topical application of Aloe Vera is known to provide moisturizing, healing and soothing action. Aloevera has anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and anti-pruritic properties. It not only rehydrates the skin but also helps in healing minor skin wounds and relieves itching and irritation caused due to dry skin.

Olive oil contains more than 200 different compounds known to have different protective action. Hydrophilic phenols of olive oil reduce trans-epidermal water loss and helps prevent skin dryness. Phenolic alcohols, flavonoids, spcoiridoids and ligaments present in olive oil provides powerful anti-oxidant action. It protects the skin against UV radiation and environmental pollutants. In addition, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory action of olive oil promotes wound healing.

Vitamin E is a fat soluble antioxidant. Like olive oil, Vitamin E acts as a free radical scavenger and provides protection against solar radiation. Olive oil, aloevera and vitamin E, these 3 major ingredients of Aspidem cream and act synergistically and provide powerful moisturizing, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and soothing action. In addition, it also helps delay photo aging.


Aspidem Cream is a skin moisturizer which helps relieve itching and irritation associated with dry skin. It also provides symptomatic treatment of the dry skin condition like xerosis and itchylosis.


Wash the skin surface thoroughly and dry it before application. Take a generous quantity of this cream and gently apply all over the skin in a circular motion.

Apply 2-3 times a day for best results. Continue application as long as required


This product is contraindicated for patients with sensitivity to any of these ingredients of Aspiden cream


  • Keep in a cool and dry place
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight
  • Do not keep near high temperature areas
  • Keep out of reach of children


Aspidem Cream should not be applied on an open wound or cuts or/and burned areas or any skin opening.


  • Unique formulation
  • Best moisturizing effect
  • Uniform layer formation on the skin


Aspidem cream is available is a beautiful glass container of 50 gms

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